DIY Pallet Outdoor Sofa with Canopy

Where in winters everybody just love to expose their bodies to the sun there is equally the fear of hot sun rays in the summers and thus we need a shade in our outdoor spaces so that we can not miss our outdoor fun activities no matter what the temperature is. Using the pallets you can create a fun shady area in your patio, garden or back yard and thus saving a lot of your money for buying gazebos and umbrellas along with expensive seating sets. Here have a look at this DIY pallet outdoor sofa set with canopy a home made pallet project to add not only luxury and fun but a handsome style statement to the outdoor decor.

Pallet skids have been floor down to form the deck while the long and thick bar install the canopy pillars with slats forming the roof over. Using the layered pallets the sofa seats have been formed and the open cubbies of which have been closed with the plywood sheets. Lastly covering the roof and pillars with the white drapes and providing white mattress to the cocoa stained sofa the ultimate luxury outdoor seating is been brought to an end.

 pallet outdoor sofa with canopy

The pallets of all types would need to install this luxury outdoor seating like the skids to form the deck flooring, long bars to act the canopy pillars and the custom cut slats form the canopy roof.

Re-purposed pallet outdoor sofa with canopy

When the deck floor and the canopy is ready then comes the turn to form the sofa seats which are also the full pallets layered twice on each other with their open faces covered with plywood sheets.

wooden pallet outdoor sofa with canopy

This is the complete look of your pallet made sofa with the deck floor and the canopy sanded well all over so that the wooden surface is softened and cleaned to get it stained in the favorite hues.

diy wooden pallet outdoor sofa with canopy

To give a final touch the sofas have been stained in cocoa shade for intense rustic look and provided with white mattress and cushions with white drapes used stylishly on the canopy roof and pillars and ending it up as the highly stylish and luxury looking seating area.

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