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DIY Pallet Sofa Bed

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Pallet Sofa Bed

For your sitting arrangements pallet made sofa bed is good choice. These are available either in ready-made form, or you can do it yourself those too. Factory warehouse providers can load you reclaimed pallets wood. Utilize them to make your furniture items. Sofa bed is beneficial both as sofa and bed. The sofa part can be used while watching TV, and the bed part can be used for rest. The added cushions beauty will give it more sofa bed look. Nail down the pallets in square shape (5-6). Combine these all and give it box shape. Join two boxes together for required length. Then spread the foam and there you go with pallet sofa bed.

DIY Pallet Sofa Bed

DIY Pallet Sofa

DIY Pallet Bed

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