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DIY Pallet House for Firewood

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This is just a perfect pallet house for protecting your firewood that you can possibly use for bbq. You need to protect the firewood from the extreme weather so best is to make a beautiful pallet house for your firewood.

I really enjoyed working on this project of pallet house for firewood. This was a small project as well as easy so i managed to complete the project in few hours. I am sure that you will also love doing this DIY pallet project.

The roof top of the pallet house is being created using two normal size pallets and i didn’t have to even disassemble the pallet wood and joining again so my lot of time was saved.

The pallet house is being divided in two compartments and the firewood is being place in a sequence so that it doesn’t give a messy look. The perfect finishing look is being given by waxing the pallet house lastly.

DIY Pallet House for Firewood

DIY Pallet House for FirewoodIdea sent by vincenzo!

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