Pallet Dining Tables With X Base

The dining tables with X legs or base are getting really popular among the furniture lovers for their gorgeous and unique style. And if you are also looking for such a fashion piece of dining table for your kitchen or dining room then you do not need to browse a furniture website or even go to a market. Because you can do it all with your own hands and that too at no cost at all.

Yes you heard me right using the free available pallets you can build this DIY pallet dining table with X base to add a contemporary dining table in your modernly decorated home. Here you are provided with the two options to build the table top in rectangular or square shape according to your desire. Both the table tops have been created by the intricate weaving of small and large pallet slats to each other. The base has been stained in dark brown while the top I light brown shade and a coat of oil for a luster surface.

Repurposed pallet dining table with X base
Dining tables can be built with a lot designs and styles but those with X base are quite in trend and furniture fashion these days and now you have the opportunity to build it for free from the pallets.
Wooden pallet dining table with X base
The more interesting thing about this table is that the base or the support system of the table is not a single X but it has been built with double x intersecting to each other.
Recycled pallet dining table with X base
When you are making something of your own then there are more options to work on your desired furnishing designs and shapes so on this X base you can build a square table top or the rectangular one.
Reclaimed pallet dining table with X base
This rectangular shape table top would allow a lot persons to dine over it and it has been created from the very intricate and nice fabricating of the pallet slats to each other.
pallet dining table
The table top looks quite rustic and gorgeous when it is accomplished and it looks more enhanced in its rustic and traditional attire when it is stained with a light brown shade of the paint.
diy pallet dining table with X base
To make the table top look more alluring and pepped up in the looks we have covered it with a nice coating of the oil making the table top surface look more luster and shiny and smooth as well.

Made by: Dustin Ward

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