DIY Salvaged Pallet and Wire Spool Rocking Chair

recycled pallet and wire spool rocking chair

Any type of extra wood in home can be given a second chance to be useful and serviceable again by making it recycled. We mostly come across the pallets and wire spools in home, both of these types of wood can be treated together to form a most serviceable layout of chair. Yes, this is… [Read More]

DIY Pallet and Wire Spool Bench

recycled pallet and wire spool bench

Pallets are just amazing for crafting and take no time to modified into a utilitarian layout. If you are looking for really an mind blowing exampling of wood reclaiming then have this DIY pallet and wire spool bench, creatively made using two useless types of wood. Pallet wood has been used to design the berth… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Coffee Table with Storage and Casters

rustic yet modern pallet coffee table

Although we have created numerous different, new and serviceable types of coffee tables out of pallets but it possibilities to construct more designs and styles are just endless. It super easy to prepare the pallets for coffee tables out of them. Clean up the pallets and remove the gun, then make them sanded and then… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Outdoor Lounge Chairs – Made to Last!!

reclaimed pallet outdoor loungers

Here we will throw some light on some highly creative type of wood recycling that is just sure to make you obsessed. Pallet wood and old wire spools have been treated here in a much nice way to give these outstanding styles of these DIY pallet outdoor loungers that are just made to entertain and… [Read More]

DIY Repurposed Pallet Mudroom Bench!!

recycled pallet mudroom bench

Most of the dwelling interiors have some benches at mudroom or primary entrance of home. This trend is also found in vintage, shabby chic and cottage styled interiors, so you can say that mudroom bench is a worthy piece of domestic furniture and mostly stands for home access point accent. If you really want a… [Read More]

DIY Reclaimed Pallet Beefy Chair

rustic yet modern pallet chair

Chairs are most vital part of home furniture and we mostly attracted to them after tiredness. If you are unable to handle the industrial prices of chairs then start collecting pallets to get super functional and comfortable chair at no-cost budget plans. This DIY reclaimed pallet chair has nicely been constructed by disassembling, sanding, cutting… [Read More]

DIY Recycled Pallet Table with Planter

upcycled pallet handmade table with planter

Here we are with a very nice type of table with natural beautification of green plants and you will surely like to use it all the day long in your routines. Cost prize of this handmade pallet table is going to amaze you! it is zero in budget and has been made purely with rustic… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Rustic yet Sturdy Side Table

recycled pallet side table

There is no end of crafts to do with leftover pallets. Pallets are so free that any person across the globe can access them easily. In this inspiring scheme of wood recycling that we are just to share with you here, pallets have beautifully been accumulated to provide a very young and strong looking style… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Bathroom Accent Mirror

reclaimed pallet bathroom mirror

A mirror is an accent piece of home walls especially that of bathroom wall area just above the bathroom vanity. This time we will speak all about that how you can go for rustic replication of your bathroom wall mirror using the pallets. Pallets are used shipping skids that come to us after retirement from… [Read More]

Interior Floor wit Pallets – Inspiring Ideas!!

upcycled pallet interior wood flooring

Wooden flooring will always get your first preference when you desire to have a most natural and warm look of your interior spaces. Wooden flooring goes to be visually attractive and is also sturdier than any other kinds of floors. Pallets are just best to carpet your interior home floors in wood medium. Pallets may… [Read More]