10 DIY Pallet Sign Ideas For Wedding

recycled pallet sing for wedding

Pallet wood now takes complete hold when there is any DIY wooden plan in home. This is due to its low-budget tag and highly accessible availability. Rustic form of pallet can add a very decorative touch to your home and surrounding environment while planning some cool stuff for any of Memorial Day or celebratory event… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Picture Shelves Tutorial

upcycled pallet picture shelves

Past picture are important source to recollect that sweet memories and have a prominent worth in home. We see new trends to display picture in every cozy dwellings. People tend to give them a sharp focus for nice and charming preview. The shelves play a vital role in this aspect of picture organizing. So we… [Read More]

DIY: Rustic Pallet Bench Makeover

recycled pallet bench

Benches are perfect pieces of furniture for sitting of multiple people at the same time and mostly suggested to occupy a space at outdoor. We see a plenty of layouts of the benches in the gardens and public fun areas like parks surrounded with sectional benches, benches with backrests and arms and armless benches. Benches… [Read More]

Rustic Table Made from Pallets

recycled pallet table

We happen to meet the rustic and weathered pallet wood just about to be decayed, after inspecting it for a while we found it further useable in home. So we give it a new life in shape of this DIY pallet table which has purely been resurrected out of that worn pallet skids. You can… [Read More]

Simple Rustic Pallet Headboard

reclaimed pallet headboard

We are always in search to found something really well and cheap out of pallet wood to make you enjoyed with all types of furniture on a budget. Most of us have a heart that love rustic nature and feel more amusing in traditional styled home environment. While making the bed beautiful we found some… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Outdoor Bar and Stools

diy pallet outdoor bar with stools

Well, the summers have come and we will prefer the outdoor playing, sitting and fun for sure. Pallet wood has also linked up with you while at outdoor and has been proven much appreciated in that case. We have done a DIY pallet porch project at home to make our home outdoor well furnished for… [Read More]

DIY: How to Build a Pallet Dog Bed

diy handcrafted pallet dog bed

Dog is much precious creature and very clever to be a pet and mostly do a lot serviceable by being a pet. We get entertained with out pets a lot in leisure time so it is also up to us that we take good care of them. For this purpose you can enjoy this fun… [Read More]

Pallet Kids Nursery Wood Wall Tutorial

recycled pallet wood wall

Kids rooms are often display a random and disturbing hodgepodge of things and toys. Same we were suffering from whenever taking a look of the room of our children. The rooms needed to be remodeled with a perfect setting of shelf. The side wall just close to entry door of the room was just blank… [Read More]

DIY Beautiful Pallet Wall Sign

handmade recycled pallet wall sign

Recently we have done a great DIY pallet herb garden that accent out wall with our last name letters on a wooden slat. Well, we constructed a DIY pallet wall sign with our last name letters painted in sophisticated manner on wooden board. It was a great fun to mess with pallets while we were… [Read More]

Pallet Glass Rack

upcycled pallet glass rack

Glass utensils of home always need a secured storage due to highly delicate and breakable nature. Wooden racks have been serving a great for this storage job for many years. Racks not only go for a minimal spaced storage of things but also a much decorative pieces of pallet furniture. We have recently added a… [Read More]