DIY Wood Pallet Photo Frames Tutorial

recycled pallet photo frames

Pictures are make us connected to the past and are a great way to secure the past memories. To make our picture more secure we have tried to mount them on a wooden frame by doing this DIY pallet project which is much thrifty and economical. We have made the DIY pallet photo frames using… [Read More]

DIY Rustic Pallet Headboard

recycled pallet headboard

A bed cannot be fully established in its trendy mode until it is missing a headboard. The trendy layouts of headboards have a very serviceable character as they are made with storage capability and they can go for storage of night conveniences, books and other personal items like mobile phones. Here we have handcrafted a… [Read More]

Industrial Pallet Table for Patio and Restaurant

upcycled pallet industrial table

Here we have a best economy package to get the sturdy type of furniture. This offer is especially for those who run a restaurant or a coffee shop. A common man and a true home lover can also avail this highly useful DIY pallet idea to stay on a budget. We have created a DIY… [Read More]

Storage Shelves from Pallet Wood

upcycled pallet shelving

It takes lot of time restore the scattered home accessories into a mannered way. Shelves and rack do a great job to store well the domestic stuff like books, paper rolls and other types of documentation. Whether you are trying to get a rack setup or planning a DIY storage shelving pallet wood can be… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Entry Gate

reclaimed pallet entry door

If you want to block off your kids from going at outside and also some animals from making access to home then you need a perfect gate. You are not needed to hire some carpenters and some skilful person to make an entry gate; here we have an idea with which you can construct your… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Bed with Lights

handcrafted pallet bench with lights

Pallet wood is convertible to any type of cozy and trendy furniture and you just not need to think it useless in any way. People are getting great access to pallet due to its swank and electrifying uses in home. If you still not believing in its worth, then take a look on this DIY… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Kitchen Utensil Rack

handcrafted pallet kitchen utensil rack

While decorating you newly made kitchen, you can make use of pallet wood for a rustic touch. Pallet wood is really affordable and can easily be grabbed from the surroundings. We have shaped up a DIY kitchen utensil rack using the pallets with few adjustments and modifications. We just prepared a rustic frame using the… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Daybed with Lamp

upcycled pallet daybed

If your home get overloaded by the people sometimes on occasional and weekend day then you will surely be needed some extra sitting and sleeping space. You can adapt the industrial way to get your favorite type of bed as their prices can make you frightened. Here we have a chic plan of this DIY… [Read More]

Pallet Outdoor Sink: DIY Tutorial

upcycled pallet outdoor sink

As we all know that pallet wood can make bigger changes and home improvements so we need to pay attention to this cheaply available wood. By reusing the pallet creatively we have made this DIY pallet outdoor sink for fun and playing or for outdoor kitchen. We were having a collapsed and broken up sink… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Table Basse Terrarium

reclaimed pallet table basse terrarium

This time we have reached a very unique approach using the pallet wood. We have really created a DIY pallet centerpiece table which can really accent you living room environment greatly. We have made a DIY pallet table basse terrarium which is very best to do the other types of tasks. We have fitted a… [Read More]