DIY Pallet Mirror Tutorial

reclaimed pallet mirror

Pallet wood can be used in bundle of artful ways to accent the home wall. This subtle manifestation of decorative DIY pallet mirror is an tremendous output from pallet wood recycling and will be a much amusing DIY pallet wall art to any wall throughout your home, especially in the bathroom or living room. We… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Sofa and Daybed Design

repurposed pallet sofa and daybed

Pallet wood can easily be molded and readjusted to any form to find some purposes and utilities out of it. This time we have reclaimed an old door and some pallet skids to get a DIY pallet sofa and daybed design out of it. We have done very few steps and provide a great sitting… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Porch Swing Tutorial

upcycled pallet porch swing

If you are interesting in home wooden crafting then pallet can be benefited in very best way to earn domestic furniture and wooden delights out of it. We have constructed a DIY pallet porch swing which a great and enjoyable experience in the summers. We have just built it to last with very long living… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Mason Jar Planter

diy pallet mason jar planter idea

It is our mains purpose to provide you some cool and easily workable crafts through very common and ordinary home stuff to make the budget very very cheap and affordable to everyone. Now we have taken some extraordinary steps accent the home walls by making this favorite one DIY pallet mason jar planter which is… [Read More]

DIY Kitchen Utensil Rack Tutorial

upcycled pallet kitchen utensil rack

We luckily found some workable pallet supply from the backyard and recently made it reclaimed for a chic kitchen utility purpose. We have gone this time for very simple dimensions of our target DIY pallet furniture which has been raised in pretty rustic mode. We have reclaimed a DIY pallet kitchen utensil rack design out… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Wood Fence Tutorial


We have a great home lawn and we take good care of it but sometimes our pets and domestic animals destroy the hardly ear flowers and plants. Kids also cause a great disaster to the garden plants but they can be controlled but what about our dog and animals? So we decided to fence it… [Read More]

DIY Outdoor Pallet Furniture

Outdoor Pallet Furniture

If you have a really large home deck and terrace space but are suffering from short budget to organize it for seating, then why are you not making use of pallet wood? We have organized our patio with this rustic DIY outdoor pallet furniture by practical recycling of pallet wood. We got all this chic… [Read More]

Pallet Bench for Outdoor Sitting – TV Stand

Wooden Bench Design

There countless aims and purposes that can be chosen out of pallet wood to be done at home, this is very new pallet wood addition we made last weekend having a very rare and unique character and has never been tried yet. We have reclaimed a DIY pallet bench which has been added to secured… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Headboard with Lamp Light

DIY Pallet Headboard

Headboards not only make the bed isolated but also a great component for perfect and complete look of a bed. For and fascinating bed the headboard held a much necessary ingredient and can be displayed in various artful ways. We have are here with very unique of a kind trend, we have recently produced a… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Picnic Table with Benches

Pallet Picnic Table with Benches

Wood is a great nature resource and should not be wasted. Reclaiming of wood around you is the only way to increase its life. We have a great interest in wooden recycling and we mostly use the pallet wood for our pallet furniture products just like this DIY pallet picnic table with benches. Pallet wood… [Read More]