DIY Flower Top Pallet Nightstand

pallet nightstand

Pallet wood can be mold and converted into any type of home useable furniture  just like this DIY pallet nightstand which can add great support to your bed by holding some night utilities and and some personal items on its top. You can make it crafted in your own way, there are several DIY pallet… [Read More]

Horse Theme Pallet Coffee Table – Side Table

reclaimed pallet coffee table

Coffee tables brought worth to any sitting room and extend it to completion.  Another great type of table which provides also a great support to living room sofa is the side table which are mostly made with thin and long top. We have done an easy DIY pallet projects which gave us these two sturdy… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Grill Shelf

recycled pallet grill shelf

Here is the great idea to use the pallet in graceful mode with any deep cutting and tearing apart of pallet wood. Here we have just shortened the size of the pallet board to accompany a DIY pallet grill shelf for home walls. You can use a pallet cut into halves for such a nice… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Love Wall Sign

diy pallet love wall sign

We found a collapsed piece of old wooden fence made of pallets at our home backyard. We reexamined this broken up wooden element and found a defined piece out of it. We use some healthy one planks from that piece of fence and lined up together in board shape, then write a love quote on… [Read More]

Simple Pallet Couch – Daybed

recycled pallet couch

We wanted a charming couch to give a unique fill to leftover space in our home. But how to get a cheap and inexpensive couch this was the main problem. While surfing the internet we saw the new DIY pallet furniture trend out of pallet wood and found also our target the pallet couch there…. [Read More]

DIY Pallet Coffee Table with Storage

upcycled pallet coffee table with storage

Tables are most dutiful components of domestic furniture and give great services in home. Coffee table also carries the same worth while we count for its services in home. It not only provide the support to coffee and beverage items but complete the front and mid of any seating plan of outdoor or indoor. Here… [Read More]

Pallet and Crate Chest with Union Jack Top

repurposed pallet chest with wheels

Have more space for secured and safe storage with this DIY crate and pallet project. We have reclaimed a favorable and useable component for home utility purposes which will go for a great storage of things like books, blankets, clothes and much more. We have shaped up a nice DIY pallet and crate chest with… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Kid’s Room Bed

recycled pallet bed

To build a kid’s room is really a hard task to do we have to look for everything which is in interest list of our kid. We have keep in mind the toys storage, playing and fun arrangements and most importantly for the study table and bedroom. We have here with a long tailed DIY… [Read More]

DIY Pallet Bench with Cushion and Storage

recycled pallet bench with storage

Benches play a vital role in home or at outdoor we see them in different shapes and designs in picnic parks, at bus stations and also in home lawns and garden. These are made with both trends with armrests or without armrests. We have here a clever approach to get a chicDIY pallet bench with… [Read More]

How To Make Pallet Wood Map

diy pallet wall map

We snagged a free of cost pallet wood from the nearby nursery and have played with it so creatively. We have just newly built a room which has a lot of empty space on walls; we just want to get some artistic displays there through handcrafting of pallet wood. After sticking our eye on pallet… [Read More]